Basketball Shootout

Basketball Shootout


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Setup Area: 20x15

Actual Size: 10x12

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: any


Introducing the Basketball Shootout - the ultimate game for basketball enthusiasts of all ages! Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting to develop your skills, this thrilling game will keep you entertained for hours.

The Basketball Shootout features a sturdy and durable construction, designed to withstand intense play. Its compact size allows for easy setup in any indoor or outdoor space, making it perfect for family gatherings, parties, or even a friendly competition with friends.

With its innovative design, this game offers multiple challenging targets that mimic real basketball hoops. Aim, shoot, and score as many baskets as you can within the given time limit. The electronic scoring system keeps track of your points and displays them in real-time, adding an exciting element of competition.

The Basketball Shootout is not only a game of skill but also a great way to improve your hand-eye coordination and shooting accuracy. It provides endless entertainment for players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced shooters.

Whether you're looking to enhance your basketball skills or simply have fun with friends and family, the Basketball Shootout is the perfect addition to any game room, backyard, or recreational space. So, gather your team, bring out your competitive spirit, and get ready for an exhilarating basketball experience like no other!

Key Features:
- Sturdy and durable construction
- Compact size for easy setup
- Multiple challenging targets
- Electronic scoring system
- Improves hand-eye coordination and shooting accuracy
- Suitable for players of all skill levels

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